Summer 1998 Table of Contents



Writing about Race: Jasper, Texas

- Eileen

What good did all the media commentary on the brutal murder of a black man in Jasper, TX, do to change the reality of racial oppression in America?

Sex and Sexuality

Guerrilla Outreach
The Coalition for Positive Sexuality

- Darrell Gordon

Opposed by a local minister, CPS continues to advocate for comprehensive. responsible pro-sex education in Chicago's Public Schools.


Funding Mexico's Gangsters:
Our Tax Dollars at Work in Chiapas

- David Meyers

A recent delegation of human rights observers heard stories of the conflict. "I call them gangsters," said U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush about Mexican President Zedillo, the Mexican army, and paramilitary groups that are laying siege to the indigenous communities of Chiapas.


Low Income Housing Protest- 6/19/98

Report on an action,
Plus poetic expression!

Facts on Housing in Chicago and throughout the U.S.


Them and Us

- Anthony Rayson

Rhyme vs. FatCats

Speaking of Independence

- David Meyers

Poem honoring the Puerto Rican independence movement


Red Flags in the Desert Heat
The Baja California Revolution of 1911, Part 1 Part 2

- D.L. Nevin

events, people, and forces that led to the insurrection at Mexicali, spawning the short-lived Baja California Revolution. Ricardo Flores Magon, an anarchist, publisher of the bilingual Regeneracion, and major intellect behind the Partido Liberal Mexicano (Mexican Liberal Party), was instrumental in organizing and planning that revolt. - BTW, Wobblies!

The Ever Flowing River
The Unfolding Strategy of an Anarchist Social Revolution
Part I Part II Part III

-Bill Burns

Proposed strategies for an anarchist social revolution: the river shall wash away the walls of hierarchy.


A Note From Mumia Abu-Jamal...

on why it's insane not to resist the system.


Free Radio WestTown

Weekly broadcasts bring the latest music of cultural resistance and alternative news to the WestTown area.


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