Note: 107.1 GuerrillaLoveRadio is the place to find microradio in WestTown from Summer 2000
--DJ Colin Sick

Free Radio West Town is your friendly neighborhood micropowered community radio station. Growing slowly but surely since February 1998, FRWT is committed to broadcasting local news, international news and commentary that is not covered anywhere else, in addition to interviews with Westtown community activists. We also feature local DJs who spin a wide variety of tunes not to be heard on commercial stations. These genres include musics of cultural resistance such as Reggae, Roots, Folk, Drum and Bass (Jungle), Hip Hop, and Punk.
FRWT is mobile so we broadcast from various locations in Westtown. Currently we are broadcasting @ 20 watts on 101.5 FM which gives us an effective range of 2 & 1/2 miles, when we go on the air each Wednesday from 8pm to 1am. For better reception you may want to attach a "rabbit ears wire antenna" or even better, a programmable antenna to your receiver.
Besides Wednesday nights, we are experimenting with the idea of Garden Radio on Sunday afternoon for all the gardeners in Westtown. The station is owned and run by an all volunteer staff who constitute A.R.C. (The Autonomous Radio Collective). To get involved in the collective to have your own show, or if you just have questions/comments you can e-mail us at
It is a rough time for the micropowered radio movement. Although there are over 1,000 micropowered (under 100 watts) stations around the U.S., since 1978 no licenses are being given under 100 watts. To apply for a license itself involved prohibitive costs of about $100,000, which includes professional technicians surveys and a corporate structure. Both Free Radio Berkeley and West Philly Pirate Radio have recently been intimidated off the air by the FCC.
We believe that we have a right to use the airwaves in a non-interfering way (the closest station to us on 101.5 FM is WNSN in South Bend Indiana- 100 miles away). We are exercising our right to Free Speech under the 1st amendment and also our rights to democratic communications under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Basically the idea that the FCC "owns" the airwaves is ludicrous.
In the future we have several goals: 1. Move from broadcasting in Mono to Stereo. 2. Incorporate more community groups in the programming. 3. Increase bilingual programming and 4. Increase listenership and hours.

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