Fall 98 Table of Contents


The Neighborhood

The Wicker Park Problem:
A Proposal

- David Meyers

Proposal for an alliance of artists and activists opposed to gentrification


Red Flags in the Desert Heat
The Baja California Revolution of 1911

- D.L. Nevin

Part 1 Part 2

Local Politics

 Attacks on Clemente High School:
Who's the Real Terrorists?

- Friends of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center


Oobleck's Antistasia

- David Meyers

In Theater Oobleck's recent play Antistasia a Russian peasant rushes in from the fields in the midst of the 1917 insurrection, and breathlessly announces that a White Russian Army general is approaching from a hill in the distance.
"How do you know it's a White Russian?" asks one of the other villagers. "Intuition," she replies.


Ideological Boundaries:
Old Arguments, New Stakes in the Zapatista Debate -- Native Autonomy and the Authoritarian Left

- Eric Enriquez Battaglia


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