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 Children Will Be Safe:
Sexual Abuse, Anarchism, and Social Regeneration

-Ron Griswold

"activist circles are similar to any other circles in our culture of alienation... hyper-individualism makes possible violence and sexual abuse... ...finally,...a vision of social revolution and a community of brothers and sisters."

Youth Program at Centro Sin Fronteras

-Robert Lopez

"Centro Sin Fronteras has been a community institution over the past two decades fighting social injustices that affect the future of thousands of families. Being developed by Sin Fronteras is a new Youth Program organized by Rev. Walter (Slim) Coleman. Recognizing the fact that the youth are the future of our community, this program was natural in the progression of the struggle."

  Facing Reality: Violence and Abuse Issues in Activist Circles

-David Meyers

 Conflict in Chiapas

-D.L. Nevin

Report from the Caravan of International Peace Observers to Roberto Barrios, Chiapas, Mexico

 No Longer Was Our House...

-Ivelissa Rodriguez

Colonialism, the Puerto Rican Reality

 The Ever Flowing River Part II

-Bill Burns

The New Anarchism: Smash the State, and What Else?

 Condos or Carrots: Land Rescue in West Town

-David Meyers

"A demonstration of community support pressured Alderman Jesse Granato to back off selling the land that houses the GreenHouse Garden at Thomas & Wood. ...one of the first efforts in recent times to successfully challenge the land-grabbing developers and their political lackeys"

 Welfare for Communities

- Eileen

"One of the byproducts of capitalism's mechanics is that some people will be unemployed / some in poverty. A community must make provision -from capital's excesses- for those in need. It must create a welfare system that can guarantee a quality of life acceptable to all members. The issue of accountability hinges on the acceptance of a universally acceptable standard of living."

Tinley Park: Racism, Ignorance, Mindlessness and Madness

-Anthony Rayson

Tinley Park used to be a small, old town, populated by the progeny of mostly German immigrants. Aside from the local bourgeoisie, the houses were modest dwellings. The yards were glorified postage stamps. These places were lived in to death by the explosion of children in the late forties, fifties and early sixties. Baby BOOM! indeed.

I was six when the sixties began, nine when we were almost vaporized into radioactive dust (Cuban Missile Ego Crisis) and ten when Kennedy's chickens came home to roost. When the Chicago Blue Shirts went on their savage, nightly rampage during the convention [Democratic National Convention, 1968, held in Chicago], I was almost fifteen. Your basic idyllic childhood....

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