Resistance, Revolution, Regeneration

Ad Hoc Issue, April 2002

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Spring 2002 Issue
Literature Section

Fighting Back

womyn taking a physical approach to sexual assault

by Yael Grauer


Paths to Community:

Interview with Public Housing Activist

Deidre Matthews

by Bill Burns


Navy Out:

Protesting the U.S. Navy in Vieques

by David Meyers



poem by Jim Meyers


Happy Times


social commentary by J. Williams



excerpts from a novel-in-progress by

J. Williams


Holiday Bacchanalia

short fiction by David Meyers


Speaking of Independence

poetic tribute to Chicago's Puerto Rican independentistas


Throughout history, people have come together to effect positive changes in their lives. SandPaper is a vehicle for just such personal and social change. Its pages reflect the values of cooperation, collectivity, solidarity, mutual aid, direct action, consensus, and individual freedom leading to community building and real, caring non-hierarchical relationships among people. The literature, articles, essays, poetry, short stories, artwork, and interviews we present are meant to express those values of revolution which transcend the spiritless capitalist culture that we find ourselves enmeshed in. In the spirit of revolution, resistance, and regeneration ...

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You can pick up Sandpaper around town.
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