Friday, June 19th, folks from all over the city converged on the Federal Plaza at Dearborn and Adams Streets in Chicago to protest the closing and tearing down of low income housing projects. The marches were organized by the residents of the housing projects with many other groups adding their support.
The marchers of June 19th joined marchers around the world who are protesting the international bourgeois as they systematically gentrify and destroy communities throughout the world in the name of capitalist progress. The flyer that follows was passed out at the march and is an impassioned plea to all working people to resist and rebuild their communities!

Communities of Resistance

This is a neighborhood you are demolishing! A place where people live, make love, get angry, cry, laugh and play.
This land holds generations of people who have watched their children born, grow to adulthood and get old.
This is a land many people do not wish to leave! They know the sidewalks, the paths between buildings,
How the sun comes up and goes down in a particular way. The gang alliances they know.
And damn it ain't but a short way to the Jewel store and the train.
This is their place. A place of memories old and new. A land they have lived!
Who are these people who seek to take the land? Have they lived on this land? Where are the relationships that they have built?
Do they know the young , the old, the gossips, the weak, the brave and how they are called? When did they ever live the beat of this place?
These stealers of land are the destroyers of community! They are slime and they go by many names.
Lawyers, government bureaucrats, real estate developers, capitalists, and politicians.
They are a pestilence that seeks to destroy communities all over the world. The struggle of the people of the projects is our struggle.
Our communities are also being destroyed and gentrified. Is this to be a city of Yuppies? Where will the poor and working people live?
As anarchists, we have joined the fight! We believe in fighting by any means that are necessary!
We believe in destroying all capitalist property! All government is a plague and will be destroyed!
We are building cooperative, collective, culture with real direct democracy! Join us. We are Communities of Resistance.

Call Bill at 252-6019 for info.

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