Spring Issue 1999

 News and Editorial

Local Politics - Chicago Machine's Sleazy Electoral Tactics

extortion and other means of trying to gain advantage in our "democratic" elections as practiced in WestTown, Humboldt Park and Logan Square.

- David Meyers

Does Killing Iraqis Get Easier?

On the sanctions/embargo against hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq.

- Kathy Kelly, of Voices in the Wilderness

Locking Up Our Kids
A Critical Look at Chicago's Juvenile Justice System

- Eileen

 Book Reviews

Prisoners of Colonialism by Ronald Fernandez

- Bertha Husband

From Bughouse Square to the Beat Generation: Selected Ravings of Slim Brundage

- Marc Herbst

 The Sports Section

What Else Is There?

- Kiba Kemp

 Get Involved

West Town Anti-Gentrification Project

- Sandpaper


Toni's Vegetable Tagine

- Toni

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