Spring 2000 Table of Contents



Chicago's WTO Protest
--Kari Lydersen

Reclaiming May Day in Chicago

* Stop Police Brutality * Unconditional Amnesty for All Immigrants *
* Free All Political Prisoners *
* U.S. Out of Vieques... Out of the Philippines... Out of Colombia *
* Stop the Exploitation of Day Laborers * End Sweatshop Labor *
* Building on the strength of Seattle, opposing the WTO *
11:00 AM Monday, May 1 - Division & Western
--to Halsted/Milwaukee/Grand to join a march from Pilsen; then to Tribune Plaza for a rally.
For more information, please call 773.278.6706

Anarchy in the Battle in Seattle
The Good and the Not So Good

Doris Coley-Kenner Jackson of the Shirelles
--Darrell Gordon

Sweet Soul: Tribute to Curtis Mayfield
--Bill Burns

My Night as a Pogue
--David Meyers

Protest Confronts Liar's Club
in wake of gay bashing
--Chicago Anti-Bashing Network

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