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The Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network (APLAN) is a prisoner-guided initiative, formed to provide legal aid and outside support for imprisoned anarchists. We believe that anarchists need to support those who are arrested and already in jail. This isn't always easy, yet is a challenge our movement needs to take on. There are dozens of anarchists in prison, many of whom face abuses by the prison authorities. Some are held in segregation units with violent white supremacists, who are a threat to their lives, We can fight repressive action taken against anarchist prisoners, but it will take effort from inside and outside to do this. Anarchist prisoners can contribute to struggles on the outside, but need outside contact to do this. APLAN aims to facilitate these efforts and thus strengthen anarchist practice a a whole.

APLAN hopes to provide sound legal advice and aid for anarchist prisoners. This support for imprisoned comrades is not based upon respect for the judicial apparatus, but is provided in the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity in struggle. The sharing of research material and resources will be an immediate goal. We welcome contact with those who have specific knowledge of legal matters. We hope for broad involvement, in multiform ways, from throughout the anarchist movement. Contact us at the above address.

Release the Remaining Puerto Rican Political Prisoners!

The struggle to release the remaining Puerto Rican Political Prisoners continues. In Chicago, a chapter of the National Boricua Human Rights Network was recently formed. The organization is composed of "Puerto Ricans in the U.S. and their supporters that educates and mobilizes the Puerto Rican community, the broader Latin American community and other people of conscience regarding issues of justice, peace, and human rights." The Network's priorities include the withdrawal of the military from Vieques, an end to political repression and undermining of Puerto Rican communities, as well as release of the political prisoners.

National Boricua Human Rights Network

Words of Advice to Young / New Anarchists, a new chapbook published by Carlos Desperdicio is full of information and opinion designed to help newcomers navigate the anarchist scene.
To get a copy, write Carlos at:

Nation-States in the modern world regardless of professed ideology consistently work to maintain and expand their own power. No country does this more consist- ently, more ruthlessly, and more successfully than the United States. Over half of U.S. tax dollars go to military spending. Not to housing, education, environmental protection, or any of the other desperately needed social programs, but to killing people to maintain state and corporate power, expand wealth, and enforce racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia. The U.S. military does not, as it claims, protect us from people who would take what is rightfully ours; instead it protects THEM, the people who take what is rightfully ours, from us. One of the best ways to challenge that power is to refuse to fund the system that maintains it. Consider, and encourage your friends to consider, refusing to pay taxes for war and military spending and redirecting refused tax money to positive uses. Become informed about the various forms of war tax refusal and redirection.

National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee
P.O. Box 6512, Ithaca, New York 14851

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commercials and corporateness shorten your life and weaken your heart :}

Remembering Paul Stensland
Gay Liberation Front Activist

March 31, 1952 to July 18, 1993

Love, Darrell

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