Letter to the Editors

The anti-globalization, anti-capitalist movement must be anti-racist as well:

Hello Friends and Rads,

I will be moving to the midwest from down South this Summer. At that time, I hope to be able to work with others to build a movement against racism and police brutality. We have to make sure that the new anti-capitalist movement is also an anti-racist movement.

The same forces that are destroying the "3rd World" are also destroying the inner cities of North America, the United Kingdom, and other countries of the metropole. Because of a new class of super-poor, people are eating out of garbage cans, the manufacturing industries have been closed in the cities, the youth of color are being tossed into prison or slain in the streets and communities are deteriorating. I have seen this in New York City, Los Angeles and other cities of the U.S.A., but also in Amsterdam, London, Lisbon, which have ferocious Black ghettoes. Black People are being tortured by the police in Kalamazoo; thrown into jail naked, without food or water. Will the new anti-capitalist movement become part of this struggle, or are Black people on their own?

It seems to me that we must unite the new movement which surfaced in Seattle with grassroots struggles in communities of color. I am working with a newly-founded Black direct action group, BANCO, which wants to build a broader campaign. It is now a "white movement" in both political orientation and membership. This must change if it is to be a true movement for liberation of all.

Love and struggle,

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

Kalamazoo, Michigan

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