Poetry & Dance

In the actual state of things, it is poetry that must
save the world. Those who no longer see the Marvelous
live in the desert–and death. Let the poets be read fervently
each day! They alone reveal to us how precious, intimate and
astonishing are the things around us. They alone will reveal
the secret of the ties that attach us to these things.

And let us know how to distinguish the false poets, who
debase all that is human, from the true poets–those who
“animate a world in recreating it.”

Dance, joyous and powerful expression of the enthusiasm for
life, must have the same mission as poetry. It creates forms in
Time and Space. Dance is the vertigo of matter.

To communicate with life’s forces by means of gesture and
movement – the simplest and most direct expression. To
rediscover the truth of being. To acquire, at the same
time, the sense of the invisible powers that attract us
even while repelling us: Is this not a means of surpass-
ing ourselves, a way out of the marasmus and mediocrity
– a method of attaining the grandeur that we so shamefully

Hélène Vanel
Cahiers GLM
(Paris, March 1939)



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