Fact and Fiction: The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal


Mumia‘s gun was used to kill Officer Faulkner.

Fact- Mumia carried a .38 but international ballistics expert Dr. DeForrest
has said that the murder weapon in this case was definitely not a .38.
Fact- the police never tested Mumia for powder burns to see if he had fired the gun.
Fact- the police never tested the gun on the scene to see if it had been fired.

There are credible eyewitnesses against Mumia.

Fact- The District Attorney did not let William Singletary, a decorated Vietnam Veteran
and family man, testify at the trial because he identified someone other than Mumia as the shooter.
Fact- Witness Robert Chobert said he saw the shooter run from the scene.
His testimony changed six months after the event.
Fact- All of the prosecution’s witnesses have been contradicted and
discredited in recent testimony and discovery.

Mumia had fair and competent legal representation at the first trial.

Fact- Mumia’s original lawyer had $450 to spend for experts
and two weeks time to prepare for the case. He was later disbarred.

Fact- Mumia attempted to represent himself but was denied this right.


Mumia admitted to killing Officer Faulkner.

Fact- The doctor who treated Mumia and the report of the officer in the room
both stated that Mumia said nothing.

Fact- Three months later, that same officer ‘remembered’ Mumia admitting to killing
Faulkner even though this contradicted his report and the doctor’s report.

Fact- The other ‘witnesses’ to Mumia’s admission of guilt were Faulkner’s partner
and a security guard who frequently had coffee with Faulkner.


Mumia had a fair trial.

Fact- ”Hanging” judge Albert Sabo has put twice as many prisoners
on death row as any other living judge.

Fact- Judge Sabo is a lifetime member of the Fraternal Order of Police and
has received election money from the FOP.

Fact- Seven former assistant lawyers to the District Attorney’s office testified at
a different trial that no defendant could get a fair trial in Sabo’s court.

Fact- The District Attorney’s office intentionally excluded ten qualified
Black jurors, which is unconstitutional. It was later found that the same District Attorney’s
office had produced a training video for its lawyers on how to exclude black jurors.


Mumia was treated fairly and other suspects were checked.

Fact- Mumia was denied medical help at the scene and was beaten by the cops.

Fact- Officer Faulkner was holding the driver’s license of another man in his hand.

Fact- No attempt was made to identify a man reportedly fleeing the scene.


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